Arizona Core Network

A cornerstone of our state's research infrastructure, the core research facilities at Arizona’s public universities propel and refine new technologies, ventures and discoveries.

Partner universities

The core facilities of Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona provide advanced equipment and instrumentation, specialized services and consultation to faculty, students, industry and government researchers. The Arizona Core Network represents a range of disciplines, including biological sciences, chemical, material and structural analysis, electronics and nanofabrication, forestry and environmental science, and computing and health.

ASU Core Facilities are comprised of several clusters that host dozens of facilities, empowering clients with the tools, knowledge and training to turn pressing research challenges into innovative solutions.


The core facilities at Northern Arizona University offer focused services, equipment and research testbeds to support projects in biomedical research, engineering, genetics, chemistry, forestry, biological and environmental sciences, and more.


The University of Arizona is home to more than 50 unique, highly specialized core facilities which enable research and promote interdisciplinary collaboration. UA’s facilities also strive for fiscal sustainability and accessibility to all users.

Members at Arizona Core Network

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
ASU Chandler Innovation Center Hub249 Hub249 (480) 884-0300
Advanced Electronics and Photonics Michael Marrs (480) 727-6898
Advanced Light Microscopy Core ALMC
Department of Animal Care & Technologies (DACT) DACT - Animal Ordering
Flow Cytometry Core Flow Cytometry (480) 727-2863
Genomics Core Genomics (480) 965-4998
Glassblowing Facility Christine Roeger (480) 965-3503
Goldwater Materials Science Facility (GMSF) GMSF (480) 965-7242
High Pressure Facility EMC Resale Core (480) 965-8853
John M. Cowley Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy (CHREM) CHREM (480) 965-7242
Life Science Electron Microscopy Lab Life Science Electron Microscopy Lab (480) 965-3210
Machine and Electrical Shop James Makar (480) 965-2308
Magnetic Resonance Research Center Brian Cherry (480) 965-3613
Mass Spectrometry Mass Spectrometry (480) 277-3910
Metals Environmental and Terrestrial Analytical Laboratory Gwyneth Gordon (480) 993-6600
NanoFab Kevin Hilgers (480) 965-5256
Nucleic Acid-Programmable Protein Array (NAPPA) Jennifer Van Duine 480-965-8981
Research Computing Richard Gould (480)727-4615
SOLS Shared Resource Facility Fragment Analysis (480) 965-8520
Ultrafast Laser Facility Su Lin (480) 727-0391
Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Analytical and Biological Mass Spectrometry

Analytical & Biological Mass Spec 520-626-4161
College of Medicine-Phoenix Research Cores

Cryogenics & Compressed Gas Facility - Unlocked

Core Facility Business Office 520-621-4064
Flow Cytometry Shared Resource

Flow Cytometry Shared Resource 520-621-2047
Functional Genomics Core

Functional Genomics Core 520-626-3794
Genetically Engineered Mouse Models (GEMM) Core

Teodora Georgieva
Imaging Core Kuiper

Imaging Core Kuiper 520-621-9942
Imaging Core Life Sciences North

Imaging Cores Life Science North 520-626-6009
Imaging Core Marley

Imaging Core Marley 520-621-5097
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Core

Jared Churko (520) 626-2347
Machining and Welding Center

Machine & Welding Center 520-621-2211
Micro/Nano Fabrication Center

Core Facility Business Office 520-621-4064
Microbiome Core at Steele Children’s Research Center

Daniel Laubitz (520) 626-1401
Quantitative Proteomics Laboratory

Paul Langlais 520-626-1342
Translational Bioimaging Resource

Translational Bioimaging Resource 520-621-4247
UA Cancer Center - Bioinformatics, Behavioral Measurement and Interventions, Genomics, Biostatistics Shared Resources

Megha Padi 520-626-8003
UA Cancer Center Analytical Chemistry, Experimental Mouse, Tissue Acquisition & Cellular/Molecular Analysis Shared Resources

Wade Chew 520-626-2331
University Animal Care

University of Arizona Genetics Core

UA Genetics Core 520-621-9791
University of Arizona Genetics Core Clinical Services

Gina Delgado 520-626-5002
Viral Production Core

<p>The Viral Production Core Facility offers services for the generation of high-titer AAV, Adenoviral and Lentiviral particles. We provide a full cloning service for the generation of plasmids of interest, a high quality purification of viral particles and analysis of specific viral properties.</p>

Olga Alekhina, PhD (520) 626-4198